Five key parts of GRS factory inspection

2023-03-11  464

Part I: GRS social responsibility

1. Fire safety (fire hydrant, fire extinguisher, completion acceptance, fire acceptance, fire drill, alarm bell, etc.), water quality report, first-aider safety certificate.

2. Training, equipment (GRS training, GRS equipment only).

3. Environmental manual and procedure documents.

4. The auditor only looks at the salary and working hours in the last half year (half true, but not lower than the minimum requirement).

5. The raw materials of products must be certified by CU.

Part II: Site

1. GRS equipment needs to be labeled with GRS special identification.

2. Fire hydrant, fire extinguisher, medicine box, alarm bell, etc.

3. GRS production area division, all GRS production should be separated separately.

4. All GRS, raw materials, auxiliary materials and finished products should be classified separately.

Part III: Documents

1. All GRS raw materials and auxiliary materials have traceability documents and must pass the CU certificate.

2. Balance table: All GRS orders are from purchase - production - shipment, and outsourcing is not supported.

3. All GRS contracts, invoices, purchase, production processes and warehousing should be recorded.

Part IV: Environment

1. Steam contract

2. Energy detection (water, electricity, gas).

3. Sediment and sludge discharge permit.

4. Invoices and usage records used.

5. Water treatment certificate (inspection certificate of sewage treatment plant).

Part V: Chemicals

1. SDS (Chemical Instruction Manual).

2. Chemicals need separate warehouses and secondary containers.

3. Chemical management system.

4. Records of wearing labor protection articles and professional operation training.

5. Use records of chemicals.

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