How are spunbonded nonwovens kept?

2023-02-16  488

First, high-elastic thermal handling printing, which is a relatively new printing technology, is applicable to the printing of cotton and non-woven fabrics, and can greatly improve the commodity level of environment-friendly shopping bags. With its unique mass production advantages, it has become a printing technology widely used by non-woven bag manufacturers.

Second, advanced environmental protection glue printing, the advantages of this printing technology are mainly reflected in the strong color covering ability, suitable for printing the fashionable printing pictures with clear lines, regular margins and exquisite overprinting, which are mostly used for the printing of medium and high fashion and T-shirts, and the applicable fabrics are also wide.

Third, thermosetting ink printing, because thermosetting ink is a non-solvent type ink, can print precise lines, has a flat appearance, good fastness, and has the advantages of non-drying, odorless, high solid content, and good scratch printing fluidity. It can be used for both craft printing and automatic machine printing. Now this printing technology is mainly used in T-shirt clothing, handbag printing and other industries.

Fourth, advanced water slurry printing is a traditional printing technology compared with other printing technologies. Because the water slurry is bright color, it can only be properly printed on light-colored fabrics, and the printing effect is relatively simple. However, from the perspective of the fashion trend of printing, it is loved by many famous designers because of its soft feel, strong breathability and rich expressive power.

Fifthly, adhesive foaming printing. This printing technology is to take part in foaming materials in the adhesive. After printing, high temperature ironing will make the printing part prominent and three-dimensional. Due to the complexity of this printing technology in use, only a small number of non-woven bag factories use this technology.

Therefore, there are many printing methods for non-woven handbag, so it needs to be selected according to the actual situation when processing.

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