What is knitted printed stitchbond fabric

2022-10-09  145

As the name implies, knitted printed fabrics are printed on knitted fabrics. Knitting printing can be roughly divided into two categories and three types:

One is match printing:

It is directly printed on the cloth. This method is generally used to produce printed fabrics in large quantities.

One type is film cut printing:

It is to cut the cloth into large and small pieces of clothes, and then print them on small pieces. Because the cutting requires more manual procedures, the price is relatively high, so it is generally used for small batch production or production with special printing requirements.

There are 3 types of match printing and cut printing:

The first is pigment printing;

The second is fuel printing (i.e. active printing);

The third is called disperse printing, which is also a kind of fuel printing. But this kind of printing is mostly used on polyester, nylon and other chemical fiber fabrics.

Among the three types, reactive printing, pigment printing and disperse printing are in order of price from high to low.

In a word, the type of printing is determined by the composition of knitted fabrics.

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