Use of recycled PET fabric

2022-09-29  154

Industry: mountaineering bag, satchel, schoolbag, pen bag, children's backpack, fashion bag, camera backpack, computer bag, trolley case, suitcase, shopping bag, handbag, gift bag, bundle bag, cosmetic bag, storage box, bag lining, ice bag, medical bag, etc;

Clothing: down (cold proof) clothing, windbreaker, jacket, beach pants, swimwear, anti-static overalls, fashion, drama gowns, pajamas, sportswear, etc; Home textiles: four piece bed covers, blankets, toys, car covers, sofa fabrics, fashionable chair covers, aprons, umbrellas, curtains, wipes, tablecloths in western restaurants, pillows, backrests, baby strollers, etc;

Others: tents, sleeping bags, hat materials, shoe materials, car accessories, etc.

1. PET recycled yarn can reduce the use of oil, and each ton of finished PET yarn can save 6 tons of oil, which has made a certain contribution to reducing air pollution and controlling the greenhouse effect.

2. One plastic bottle (600cc)=carbon reduction 25.2g=fuel saving 0.52cc=water saving 88.6cc

3. This environment-friendly yarn has passed the authoritative certification of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency and the SCS Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, as well as the European Oeko Tex Standard 100 ecological environmental protection certification and the international GRS recycling standard, with higher international recognition.

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