Take a brief look at recycled stitchbond

2023-07-22  857

Recycled stitchbond is commonly known as cola bottle non-woven fabric. Usually made from plastic bottles of mineral water or cola bottles, the bottles are cut into small pieces, crushed and melted to separate the core PET components, granulated, processed into polyester short fibers, and then processed through needle punching or non-woven fabric technology. It is a new type of green and environmentally friendly fabric, and its low-carbon source has created a new concept in the corresponding field.

Performance of recycled stitchbond products:

1. Durable and not easily deformed, just like textiles.

2. Beneficial to human health.

3. Recycled stitchbond has better wear resistance, better breathability, and hygiene.

4. Easy to process functional products without changing their physical properties. For example: waterproof, mold proof, deodorization, anti-static, etc.

5. Free from impurities such as azo and heavy metals, resistant to high temperatures, acid and alkali, strong water absorption, and environmentally friendly.

6. Recycled stitchbond can also be coated or flame retardant treated according to customer requirements.

7. After dyeing and printing, recycled stitchbond can have rich colors and patterns to meet the aesthetic needs of different groups of people.

The production process of recycled stitchbond is dry process non-woven fabric. Knitting uses a knitted loop structure to execute fabrics, yarn layers, non-woven materials (such as plastic sheets, plastic thin metal foils, etc.), or a combination of them to form non-woven fabrics.

In recent years, recycled stitchbond has been widely used as the material of Reusable shopping bag. The weight of fabrics used for lamination is usually 65-130g, while the weight of fabrics used for printing is usually 130g-300g. The finished bag can be made through screen printing and heat transfer printing. The thickness and weight range of materials can be adjusted according to different customer needs.

Advantages of recycled stitchbond: Textiles made from recycled "cola bottle" recycled fibers can convert recycled materials into PET fibers, effectively reducing waste. At present, the consumption of PET plastic beverage bottles in China is relatively high. The recycling of waste beverage bottles can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also turn waste into treasure and make recycled stitchbond.

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