What are the application ranges of RPET

2023-07-08  655

Industry category: hiking bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, pencil bags, children's backpacks, fashion bags, camera backpacks, computer bags, trolley cases, travel bags, shopping bags, handbags, gift bags, tie pockets, makeup bags, storage boxes, luggage linings, ice bags, medical bags, etc;

Clothing: down (cold proof) clothing, windbreaker, jacket, Beachwear, swimsuit, anti-static overalls, fashion, costume, pajamas, Sportswear, etc;

Home textiles: four piece bed set, blanket, toy, car cushion, sofa fabric, fashionable chair cover, apron, umbrella, curtains, wiping cloth, Western restaurant tablecloth, pillow, backrest, baby stroller, etc;

Other: tents, sleeping bags, hat materials, shoe materials, car accessories, etc.

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