What steps are required for the production process of Lixin cloth?

2023-06-16  1147

① The main raw materials for sewing non-woven fabric, Lixin fabric, Lixin fabric, Lixin fabric, and Lixin fabric are 4D * 65mm polyester staple fibers or

Mix low melting point fibers (using raw material colors and other specifications according to actual order conditions) and unpack and loosen them

Fully mix the machine and loosening machine.

② The mixed fibers are transported by a fan through a pipeline to a vibrating cotton box.

③ Then these fibers enter the carding system, and through the mutual work between the initial cylinder, main cylinder, and various tasks

The fibers are thoroughly sorted and arranged to form a network structure with uniform fiber distribution and a fluffy texture, which is then removed from the system by cotton stripping

Unified divestiture.

④ Transported from the inclined curtain to the web laying machine.

⑤ The cotton net is evenly and regularly arranged in a web laying machine through the interaction of compensating curtains, reciprocating curtains, and forming curtains

The bottom curtain of the fabric laying machine is laid flat and stacked, and then the stacked cotton mesh is fed into the sewing machine through the transmission of the bottom curtain and the inclined curtain.

⑥ The sewing machine penetrates and fixes a certain type of filament on the cotton mesh to form the embryo fabric. Finally, the embryo fabric is rolled into rolls through the rolling system. If there is a demand in the order, the layout needs to be heat set to form the finished product, which is packaged and stored in the warehouse.

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