Say it again! GRS Global Recycling Standards Certification

2023-04-27  178

The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) is an international and voluntary complete product standard. The content focuses on the implementation of product recycling/recycling components, regulatory chain control, social responsibility and environmental regulations, as well as chemical restrictions by supply chain manufacturers, and is certified by third-party certification agencies.


The goal of GRS is to ensure that declarations on related products are correct and responsible. This standard applies to all companies (units) that produce or sell GRS products. All products, including processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, sales, and use, contain at least 20% recycled materials. The GRS certification system can be applied to all units in the supply chain, including commercial to commercial (B2B) transactions from all processing units to the end buyer.

GRS certification objectives

1. Unify the definition of multiple applications.

2. Trace recyclable input materials.

3. Provide customers (brand owners and consumers) with a tool to make informed decisions.

4. Reduce harmful effects on people and the environment during the production process.

5. Ensure more sustainable recycling and disposal of materials in the final product.

6. Promote innovation in solving quality problems in the use of recycled materials.

Four core contents of GRS

social responsibility

·GRS Policy Labor Standards · Health and Safety Wage Hours · Welfare Policy

Environmental management

·Environmental Management System, Chemical Management System, Energy Management Waste Management

Chemical requirements

·GRS Product Chemical Management · GRS Restricted Chemical Substance Control

·Implementation of ZDHC Zero Emission Plan for Hazardous Chemicals

Product Recycling Components and Supply Chain Requirements

·Suitable for products with a recycling content of 20% or more

·The declared recycled materials follow a verified chain of custody from input to completion of the final product

Why do we need to do GRS certification?

GRS is a global recycling standard, and many large foreign enterprises are advocating for environmental protection. Therefore, suppliers are required to undergo GRS certification. GRS certification is a traceability certification, so throughout the entire supply chain, all enterprises involved in production and processes need to undergo certification, such as yarn factories, dyeing factories, fabric factories, garment factories, and trading companies.

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